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Welcome to Xtracta Exhaust Canopy Solutions

At Xtracta we offer a standard range of “off the shelf” & custom exhaust canopy solutions.

With 13 models that vary in size, we offer a canopy to suit all styles of cooking.

 All canopies are designed and manufactured with makeup air provision

• Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters, to give maximum air flow

• Have fully welded and polished corners

• Folded and riveted edges

• Drain point to rear

• Fully concealed high intensity LED light, giving minimal shadow line over cooking surface

• 1 mm galvanised top for ease of fitting extraction/return up air ducts

• All Canopies & Fire Proof Wall Sheeting come with a full compliance certificate to current Australian Standards

• 2 year warranty on exhaust canopy only (if installed by licensed plumber/mechanical


All of the above are all standard inclusions in our canopy range!

Standard Range -

"We have stock on hand of each Xtracta model meaning lead times are short"

We can have a standard Stainless Steel Xtracta Canopy in a short period.

See our store for our standard range and sizing inc Steam Canopies.

Custom Exhaust Canopies -

“Custom Stainless Steel canopies can me made upon request”

Or if you need a longer canopy, put two Xtracta hoods together!

Custom filtered grease canopies and steam/hot air canopies of any size can manufactured.

Install & Accessories -

"We can install your canopy for you"

We also supply fans, duct work, Fire Proof Wall Panel, we stock stainless steel baffle filters.

All our installs are certified, and come with a certificate of compliance.